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My Calling

Long before I was a solo attorney in Dallas, I started out to be a public interest lawyer. I worked for the ACLU National Office a long time ago when that organization was committed to protecting the First Amendment rights of everyone, not limiting itself to those who espouse left-wing causes as it does today. At the ACLU, I had clients that ranged from the Socialist Workers Party to the American Nazi Party. The first case I ever tried for the ACLU went to the Supreme Court and was decided as O’Connor v. Donaldson, 422 U.S. 563 (1975). That case established the right to treatment for mental patients: if a psychiatric patient is involuntarily hospitalized, he is constitutionally entitled to receive treatment.

Gene Dubose is a solo attorney in Dallas and noted trial, litigation, and appellate business lawyer.

My expertise as a trial and appellate litigation attorney has led me to work as a trial lawyer in Dallas, and my practice became a more traditional commercial trial law firm.But my ears are always open to hear injustices that cry for judicial solutions.

In 2014, a man came to me whose case I couldn’t not take. David Jaco was an immigrant from El Salvador who came to the United States at the age of 18 with an education that only extended through half of the fourth grade, at which level the civil wars in his country eliminated schools. His English was rudimentary, but sufficient for the lawn maintenance business he started and with his strong work ethic was successful. His landlord, named Khosrow Sadeghian, offered to sell him the house he had been renting. The house was valued on the Dallas County tax rolls at $30,000; Mr. Sadeghian sold it to Mr. Jaco for $169,800, $10,000 down, the remainder on a note at 8.2% interest. At trial, Mr. Sadeghian testified that his net worth was roughly $50 million. The jury verdict awarded Mr. Jaco $685,600, including $500,000 in exemplary damages. The judge also awarded the house to Mr. Jaco. After word got out that someone was willing to sue Mr. Sadeghian, I received calls from his tenants and his employees, and I now have three other cases pending against him.

I also have a case from a woman in England whose livelihood on YouTube has been taken from her in a bizarre lawsuit here in Dallas. She found me through a single video I have on YouTube, and I am representing her as a solo attorney. I think God sends me these clients and that I have an obligation to take their cases. I am delighted to have the opportunity to do His will.

If you feel your case is best represented by a solo lawyer, call one of Dallas’ top trial and appellate litigation business attorneys, Gene DuBose, to take your case.