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Climbing Mount Katahdin

Poetry by Gene DuBose

Gene DuBose Poetry - Introductory Video

Announcing the publishing of Mr. DuBose's poetry book, Climbing Mount Katahdin.

Corollary: If a Lawsuit is Too Big for One Lawyer, it is Not Triable

Gene DuBose Poetry - Solomon's Cherubim

This poem was inspired by the Second Book of Chronicles, chapter 5, verse 8: "For the cherubims spread forth their wings over the place of the Ark, and the cherubims covered the Ark and the staves thereof above.

Gene DuBose Poetry - Garment of Salvation

Do you know where this one takes place?

Gene DuBose Poetry - Gitano

Hound of Heaven

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Gene DuBose's book Climbing Mount Katahdin, is a collection of poems, spanning a lifetime of experiences. Divided into multiple sections, the poetry explores painful losses, the pitfalls of adventure and struggle, the oddity and frailty of human endeavor, deep roots of faith, and enduring emotion.

Additionally, a selection of elegant haiku is included, written over the course of the poet's lifetime.

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